The purpose of this association is to promote the interests of the Field Staff through training, development and networking; to share ideas relative to collective bargaining and chapter/conference development; and to promote the ideals of the AAUP.


Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, Chair

Steve Finner, Vice Chair

Deborah Herman, Secretary

Scott Barns, Treasurer

Ellen Benson, Information Coordinator


AAUP’s Journal of Academic Freedom welcomes essays for inclusion in its next issue. Learn more about submitting @ bit.ly/1AiC7Y5
A lot goes on at UIUC--Escaped Federal Prisoner Found in University Library @insidehighered shar.es/13EPa8
Rhoades: "“I think it’s fair to say instruction ought to be the last place you’re cutting, not the first.” shar.es/13yLCi
Arizona State tells non-tenure-track writing instructors to teach an extra course each semester @insidehighered shar.es/13yM2n
The 11th ed. Redbook is now available for pre-order. All AAUP members are entitled to a 30% discount. Learn more @ bit.ly/1waSLqq
Looking for holiday gift ideas? Check out our AAUP T-shirts, travel mugs, and more at bit.ly/1poChTf
AAUP's Aaron Nisenson on why two recent NLRB decisions help faculty: @insidehighered shar.es/13xAVg
AAUP's Nisenson: the decision particularly impt to faculty, who rely on email since they are often dispersed shar.es/13xwZl
Union Advocates Applaud Recent NLRB Decisions @insidehighered shar.es/13xwGi
Uh...really? How does this fit w/fact that many profs get NO benefits? @insidehighered Academics Prepared to Retire shar.es/136WGS
Congratulations to the U of Oregon & its grad employees on a new agreement that ends the strike! facebook.com/GTFF3544/photo… @GTFF_3544
Congratulations to U Oregon graduate fellows on an agreement that ends their strike! @UAUOregon @GTFF_3544
Rethinking the library proves a divisive topic at many liberal arts institutions @insidehighered shar.es/13uADq via @sharethis
& speaking of evaluations, last call to take our survey: surveymonkey.com/s/teaching-eva… Closes Sun. We'd especially like more info from adjunct fac
"Student evaluations can carry a lot of weight ... gender bias can have a big impact on student ratings of teachers" shar.es/13ux6Q
We hear there was a great rally to @ReclaimRutgers yesterday! Go @ruaaup!
Fac & students are invited to participate in a nat’l screening of the new doc. "Pay 2 Play" on 1/21/15. Learn more @ bit.ly/1wd1Cq3
We're marking the AAUP’s centennial through a series of national celebrations. Learn about about upcoming events @ bit.ly/12iWy8P
The National Humanities Alliance's 2015 Ann. Meeting & Humanities Advocacy Day is March 16 17 in Wash, DC. Register @ bit.ly/1IqfvHI
The administration showed some backbone! James Kilgore, Adjunct With a Past, Rehired at Illinois @insidehighered shar.es/13rJeA
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