The purpose of this association is to promote the interests of the Field Staff through training, development and networking; to share ideas relative to collective bargaining and chapter/conference development; and to promote the ideals of the AAUP.


Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, Chair

Steve Finner, Vice Chair

Deborah Herman, Secretary

Scott Barns, Treasurer

Ellen Benson, Information Coordinator


AAUP Assoc. Sec. Anita Levy will speak @ US Comm on Civil Rights' briefing Fri about fed. enforcement of sexual harassment laws on campuses

Outsourcing the faculty at Michigan institutions . . . @insidehighered shar.es/NTye6

5 Plaintiffs Reach Agreement With UConn in Sexual-Assault Lawsuit shar.es/NTygu via @chronicle

#2014SI attendees are now attending afternoon workshops, including one on ways to build sustainable student-labor partnerships.

Summer Institute attendees got their mornings started with workshops on negotiations and contract & grievance administration #2014SI

Not at the #2014SI? You're missing a great workshop on the Art of the Info Request--watch a webinar version here: aaup.org/event/art-info…

Lots of great courses continuing this AM at the Summer Institute, including positive messaging & building a strong state org--#2014SI

. . .campaign strategy, organizing around contingency, legal decisions & academic freedom, faculty handbooks, & more! #2014SI

AAUP Summer Institute is about to start! First up, workshops on negotiations, video production, diversity, handbooks . . . #2014SI

Gearing up for the AAUP Summer Institute starting tomorrow at Hofstra! Use #2014SI if you participate & tweet

The national office is getting mighty quiet as staff head off to prepare for the AAUP Summer Institute, which starts Thursday

UVA admins share positive steps taken to strengthen shared governance @ university since AAUP investigation last year bit.ly/1qVN7pU

Congratulations to our brothers & sisters at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign on a new union of NTT faculty (AAUP/AFT)!

AAUP argues that grad. assistants @ private institutions should be considered employees & have coll. bargaining rts bit.ly/U1Q0Yd

Remember to register for COCAL XI in NYC August 4-6. Costs have been kept as low as possible. Full info at cocalinternational.org.

The Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy is now accepting submissions. For more info, visit thekeep.eiu.edu/jcba/

Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund is offering fellowships to threatened scholars worldwide. bit.ly/1hwgoD8

Want to learn more about AAUP? Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up-to-date on the latest AAUP happenings. Visit aaup.org/news/whats-new…

Adjuncts at Minnesota’s Hamline U. Vote to Unionize shar.es/M0GUe via @chronicle

Supreme Court says First Amendment protects truthful speech by community college employee @insidehighered shar.es/MmGUG

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