The purpose of this association is to promote the interests of the Field Staff through training, development and networking; to share ideas relative to collective bargaining and chapter/conference development; and to promote the ideals of the AAUP.


Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, Chair

Steve Finner, Vice Chair

Deborah Herman, Secretary

Scott Barns, Treasurer

Ellen Benson, Information Coordinator


The Nat'l Ctr for the Study of Coll. Barg. in Higher Ed. and the Professions is calling for papers! Learn more at bit.ly/1mMWcLJ
Risa L. Lieberwitz has been appointed to serve as general counsel of the AAUP. bit.ly/1oUSd53
PSC & CUNY reached an agreement with NYC on inclusion of eligible CUNY adjuncts in the NYC Health Benefits Program. bit.ly/Vzmjy3
The AAUP-CBC Fall Meeting will be held October 11 in New Haven, CT. Stay tuned for more info! aaupcbc.org/event/aaup-cbc…
Read the ISU AAUP chapter's press release to learn about an Idaho faculty complaint resubmitted to the NWCCU. bit.ly/1sUwF7P
Check out the new resources on card check certification & representation election procedures in our #union toolkit! aaupcbc.org/union-toolkit
The AAUP has issued a statement about the Univ. of Illinois withdrawing a job offer to Professor Steven G. Salaita bit.ly/1pZrbF6
We're happy to learn that the Paleontological Society has endorsed the 1940 Statement aaup.org/report/1940-st… (joining about 200 other orgs)
Coverage of yesterday's COCALXI: shar.es/LO6rY
Lots of good #COCALXI tweeting going on today . . .
The goal is to learn from their organizing efforts, as well as strengthen solidarity between #contingent workers across sectors. #COCALXI
Right now at #COCALXI we're listening to a panel of #contingent workers in sectors other than academia/teaching.
You can follow/join COCAL on Facebook at facebook.com/COCALInternati…
#COCALXI Michalczyk discussed the AAUP's policy statements on contingency & the Association's focus on improving conditions for all faculty.
The AAUP's Susan Michalczyk participated in this this morning's COCAL panel on organizing contingent faculty #COCALXI pic.twitter.com/BDGPkTSzAq
IHE coverage of #COCALXI: Adjunct faculty conference discussion focuses on right to strike @insidehighered shar.es/LiJIc
Conf on Contingent Academic Labor is in progress; if you couldn't make it, see the program here: cocalinternational.org/events.html & follow #COCALXI
The AAUP's annual Bulletin collects in one place reports, policy statements, and official AAUP business materials. bit.ly/1kkAJ0O
"Sometimes the need to strike can be necessary, even in states where it's illegal" #COCALXI
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