The purpose of this association is to promote the interests of the Field Staff through training, development and networking; to share ideas relative to collective bargaining and chapter/conference development; and to promote the ideals of the AAUP.


Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, Chair

Phil Lesch, Vice Chair

Michelle Fecteau, Secretary

Scott Barns, Treasurer

Elizabeth Newberg, Information Coordinator


The national AAUP has position openings for a development director and a digital organizer! Learn more at aaup.org/about/staff/em…

Risa Lieberwitz on #SCOTUS decision to uphold affirmative action in #FishervUT bit.ly/28SdZRH @AcademeBlog

And some info about our brief in the Fisher case: aaup.org/brief/fisher-v…

Supreme Court upholds University of Texas affirmative action admissions program wpo.st/yY1i1

Inspiring to see how faculty and students at St.Rose have stood together. twitter.com/srstudentunion…

Censure and sanction actions reflect conditions for #academicfreedom, academic government nec for quality education: bit.ly/1Ui7bTa

.@LindenwoodU sanction was removed in unanimous vote! Climate for shared governance greatly improved. #LikeNoOther #AAUP2016

"We lost our voice, respect and democracy at our college." Union County College (NJ) up for sanction vote @UCCweb #AAUP2016

AAUP removes @GroveCtyCollege censure , oldest on censure list! #AAUP2016 #grovectycollege

#AAUP2016 annual meeting declines to delegate to Committee A authority to remove censure from UIUC pending confirmation that conditions met

Considering conditional censure removal for @Illinois_Alma #Illinois #Illini

Unanimous vote to add @Mizzou to censure list for violating academic due process #mizzou #AAUP2016

Unanimous vote to place @CollegeofStRose on censure list for undermining #academicfreedom and tenure #strose

"#strose on cutting edge of corporatization of higher education" #AAUP2016