The purpose of this association is to promote the interests of the Field Staff through training, development and networking; to share ideas relative to collective bargaining and chapter/conference development; and to promote the ideals of the AAUP.


Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, Chair

Steve Finner, Vice Chair

Deborah Herman, Secretary

Scott Barns, Treasurer

Ellen Benson, Information Coordinator


Congrats to faculty on the South Orange campus of Seton Hall Univ. who have just formed an AAUP advocacy chapter! bit.ly/1rrN2FA
Now we’re having a Q & A period. If you missed our arbitration webinar, you can see a recording in a few days (AAUP member login required).
Right now we’re discussing what happens after the arbitration hearing is held.
Lots of info on the conduct of arbitration hearings: rules of evidence, burden of proof, witnesses, cross examination.
Preparing for arbitration hearing: investigate, have a game plan, witness prep, and provide information to membership.
Now discussing the process for invoking arbitration.
There are lots of criteria for invoking arbitration, including merits, how many are affected, the severity of the problem, and others.
Who decides whether to arbitrate?
Average time during arbitration from invocation to issuance of award: 333.12 days. It sounds long but it’s shorter than litigation.
Average costs of arbitration: arbitrators’ per diem rate: $1,023.62; arbitrators’ total bill: $4,911.86.
Right now we’re discussing the differences between arbitration and litigation in today’s AAUP-CBC webinar.
Our webinar presenter is Michael Mauer, Esq., senior labor advisor for AAUP, who will be talking today about grievance arbitration.
Starting now–AAUP-CBC webinar “Arbitration: The End of the Line”
It's Reclaim Rutgers Day! Can't come in person? Snap a pic of yourself & supporters to show solidarity. Learn more at bit.ly/1zmbHVQ
Thurs is Reclaim Rutgers Day! Come out to support fac/staff who've gone 3 years w/o a raise or send a solidarity pic: aaupcbc.org/news/reclaim-r…
Just went to catch up on @CUNYfrist parody account & see it has been suspended. Someone in the CUNY administration not finding it funny?
Education Department publishes final rules on campus crime reporting @insidehighered shar.es/1m8SpU
Are you a member of an AAUP union in the West? Plan to join us Jan 31 for the AAUP-CBC Western Regional Meeting at Cal State U Los Angeles
Congratulations to our brothers & sisters of the California Faculty Assn on a TA! insidehighered.com/quicktakes/201…
"How can we help students out of poverty when faculty are also living in it?” sfreporter.com/santafe/articl… sfreporter.com/santafe/articl…
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