The purpose of this association is to promote the interests of the Field Staff through training, development and networking; to share ideas relative to collective bargaining and chapter/conference development; and to promote the ideals of the AAUP.


Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, Chair

Phil Lesch, Vice Chair

Michelle Fecteau, Secretary

Scott Barns, Treasurer

Elizabeth Newberg, Information Coordinator


This student gets it: BC stands out for resisting initiatives to implement a functioning system of shared governance. bcheights.com/opinions/2015/…

Why do some many faculty members sign loyalty oaths without issue? | Inside Higher Ed bit.ly/1N8mlWJ

AAUP's position: "refusal to sign a loyalty oath does not justify the refusal to appoint a faculty member" bit.ly/1Gh5vxj

Novelist quits teaching job at Phoenix College over loyalty oath | InsideHigherEd bit.ly/1N11bdh

In "Response to Cary Nelson," Robert Warrior rebuts claims about Steven Salaita's professional qualifications. bit.ly/1jr3IRq

Faculty at Emerson College’s Los Angeles campus seek the same treatment as their counterparts at the Boston campus. bit.ly/1iWVoJ0

Cary Nelson questions Salaita's credentials in "Steven Salaita’s Scholarly Record & the Problem of His Appointment" bit.ly/1JyrVds

Karrieann Soto Vega and Vani Kannan: "Social Media & the Politics of Collegiality: An Interview with Steven Salaita" bit.ly/1PCuujL

Sean Anderson contextualizes Salaita "dehiring in "Everything Old Is New Again: Bertrand Russell and Steven Salaita" bit.ly/1PCswQk

Andrew Squires looks at 4 post-Garcetti vs. Ceballos cases in "Garcetti and Salaita: Revisiting Academic Freedom" bit.ly/1QDqJec

Don Eron argues for a higher standard of accountability for Salaita in "Professor Salaita's Intramural Speech" bit.ly/1YFNuEg

David Moshman & Frank Edler in Journal of Academic Freedom on "Civility and Academic Freedom after Salaita" bit.ly/1KDDMYp

John Wilson compares the Salaita case to the 1960 Leo Koch case in "Academic Freedom and Extramural Utterances" bit.ly/1KUtNCz

Patrick Colm Hogan's "The Personal Ethics of Academic Freedom: Problems of Knowledge and Democratic Competence" bit.ly/1iQ3Z0j

In "Risking Responsibility," John Mowitt refocuses the conversation about academic freedom & the Salaita controversy bit.ly/1LAtoWK

James Nichols proposes the Canadian approach to IRBs in "Institutional Review Boards: An Attack on Academic Freedom" bit.ly/1KEFPwg

Richard Hanley writes in JAF on "Title IX, Sexual Harassment, and Academic Freedom: What No One Seems to Understand" bit.ly/1YDFkMs

Catherine Lawson's JAF article "The Textbook Controversy" discusses libertarian meddling with economics education. bit.ly/1MrZbrq

AAUP's Levy: academic freedom is “the first casualty of this move away from due process protections" for faculty bit.ly/1NW0z8O

State College of Florida eliminates continuous contracts, puts all faculty members on one-year contracts bit.ly/1QAlI60

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