The purpose of this association is to promote the interests of the Field Staff through training, development and networking; to share ideas relative to collective bargaining and chapter/conference development; and to promote the ideals of the AAUP.


Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, Chair

Phil Lesch, Vice Chair

Michelle Fecteau, Secretary

Scott Barns, Treasurer

Elizabeth Newberg, Information Coordinator


AAUP leaders and many other academics decry human rights abuses & mass dismissals in Turkey: academeblog.org/2016/07/25/let… via @AaronJBarlow

Grateful to share community, plan and learn with so many great leaders. Thanks all! #AAUPSI

Grateful to share community, plan and learn with so many great leaders. Thanks all! #AAUPSI

What an amazing group of faculty and academic activists #AAUPSI pic.twitter.com/x6rHHprLkb

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Amazing screening of @agentsfilm with Frank Dawson and Abby Ginzberg pic.twitter.com/7oBNZwnx4K

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Thx Deborah Herman, @ProfessorPhoebe for sharing strategies to harness people power in grievance process #1u #AAUPSI pic.twitter.com/dabgl3tGQO

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.@SJDunietz and Sara Kilpatrick of @OHaaup spoke on new tools to engage legislators, media & faculty in protecting #highered #AAUPSI

Excited to kick off Summer Institute with dedicated activists from across the country! twitter.com/csuaaup/status…

Professors want option to exclude guns from their classroom bit.ly/2a5WDU5 via @insidehighered #gunsout

Coming through loud and clear: message that athletics are more important than #academics bit.ly/29VNJcI @rudyf & Martin Kich

#highered business officers surveyed on finances & faculty role in decisions bit.ly/29BjDMk #sharedgovernance

Excellent discussion of new book: Origins of 'The Wisconsin Idea' bit.ly/2acR8BI #wiquality #academicfreedom

1 in 5 UC students struggle with hunger. Hard to swallow. twitter.com/AcademeBlog/st…

Important critique of corporatization in #highered bit.ly/29lw6Pz

.@universityofky president pay growing at higher rate than faculty. How much higher? bit.ly/29yNW3h via @lbblackford @heraldleader

Thanks to those speaking up for shared governance, a voice in the process #solidarity twitter.com/AFTNJ/status/7…