The purpose of this association is to promote the interests of the Field Staff through training, development and networking; to share ideas relative to collective bargaining and chapter/conference development; and to promote the ideals of the AAUP.


Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, Chair

Phil Lesch, Vice Chair

Michelle Fecteau, Secretary

Scott Barns, Treasurer

Elizabeth Newberg, Information Coordinator


And check out great list of possible topics developed by CBC Subcommittee on Racial Justice: academeblog.org/2015/11/26/add… twitter.com/AAUP/status/67…

If you'd like to submit a proposal for a session at our Annual Conference, the time is here! Submissions close 12/7. aaup.org/get-involved/u…

In his online Academe article, editor Aaron Barlow writes about the AAUP's digital future. bit.ly/1IvCzmi pic.twitter.com/zxiJGKvI3j

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A good read on tenure & research; tenure also, of course, protects quality teaching. This is why tenure matters jsonline.com/news/opinion/t…

In "Branding, Boasting, and Ideology," Gaye Tuchman reviews a book by 2 ASU administrators. bit.ly/1OrVO4N pic.twitter.com/RQKxMFtZHT

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Walter Benn Michaels & Scott McFarland on organizing UIC faculty in "From One Bargaining Unit to One Faculty." bit.ly/1OeWFHN

Matthew Finkin reviews Hans-Joerg Tiede's University Reform In "The Choices of the Founders" bit.ly/1lHMrV1 pic.twitter.com/FUZaIBeJ7B

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Mindset List author Tom McBride imagines "Higher Ed in 2037" for students born today. bit.ly/1TckYpL pic.twitter.com/jmvKJChG5t

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Jeff Scheuer explains in Academe why we need "Critical Thinking and the Liberal Arts." bit.ly/1NomRRo pic.twitter.com/laLPWYqc5d

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Paul Davis writes in the current issue of Academe about "Community Colleges in the AAUP." bit.ly/1X9B4pG pic.twitter.com/RYtvnhaZnk

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"salaries at the very top have risen substantially while wages of ordinary workers have stagnated" cbpp.org/blog/weaker-un…

Laura Portnoi & Sylvia S. Bagley consider "The AAUP's Role in a Globalized, Competitive Higher Education Landscape" bit.ly/1PVmeNZ

Just how few college professors aren't white men? Check out these charts. motherjones.com/politics/2015/… via motherjones

A step in the right direction. Louisiana's Next Governor Has Vowed to Stop Cuts | Inside Higher Ed bit.ly/1QDyrbM

Interesting development: American U of Beirut Will Restore Tenure System | Inside Higher Ed bit.ly/1Seh4fi

Dànielle DeVoss asks who owns the work of faculty members in "Academia, Academe, and Intellectual Property." bit.ly/1NHmZ8S

Join us & play a role in building membership & developing grassroots activists and leaders! twitter.com/AAUPCBC/status…

Two AAUP organizer positions just posted, one in Pacific NW, one in DC: aaup.org/about/staff/em…. Great oppty at a critical time in higher ed

Risa Lieberwitz's "Improving the Legal Landscape for Unionization at Private Colleges and Universities" in Academe: bit.ly/1MZ4qvY

In "The Professoriate Reconsidered," Adriana Kezar & Elizabeth Holcombe share their Adelphi Project survey findings.bit.ly/1QQvpzQ

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