Annual Meeting Resolutions

During AAUPs 2012 Annual Meeting, members approved a resolution calling on the AAUP and its affiliates to treat all staff members with fairness and respect. Resolutions are expressions of opinion by a meeting, not constituting legislative action of the Association, and generally concern subjects of general interest to the academic profession and the public.

To see the resolution on AAUP’s website, click here.

Following is the full text of the resolution regarding the Policy on Employment Practices for AAUP and Affiliate Entities:

Whereas, the advocacy of fair treatment of faculty members by employers is a basic principle of the AAUP, and

Whereas, the AAUP and its affiliate chapters and conferences employ staff to execute the policies and principles that the organization espouses, and

Whereas, the field staff are an integral component of AAUP’s mission, and

Whereas, the work of the AAUP would be greatly diminished without competent and loyal national and field staff, and

Be it therefore resolved,

The AAUP hereby asserts that it, and its affiliates, shall embody the same policies and principles as employer that it espouses are the benchmark for fairness and equity in its advocacy for faculty, and The AAUP and its affiliates shall not relate to staff in a way that conflicts with basic principles of fairness and equity.

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