Organizing Membership Records for Chapters and Conferences

Staff should develop and maintain up-to-date membership records. Initially, an institutional roster should be requested from your local campus administration. This may be used for membership recruitment, and in the case of collective bargaining chapters, should be used as the initial bargaining unit membership list. Rosters should be received regularly from the National office and should be checked for accuracy against your local records.

What Kinds of Information Should You Keep on Your Members?

In addition to name, address, rank and academic discipline, the following information has proven useful: salary (for dues calculations); State and National legislative districts (for lobbying purposes and letter writing campaigns); minority status, if any (for affirmative action evaluations); appointment date; birth date (for retirement and/or attrition calculations); date of last promotion, retirement plan, tenure date, membership ID numbers, email addresses, membership category and telephone numbers.

Conferences will also want to keep similar records for chapter presidents and board members.